Valet Team - complete mobile car valeting

What car size am I?

Small cars

Smart cars, super minis, 2-seater cars. Examples: Smart fourfour, BMW Mini Coupe, Mazda MX5, Toyota IQ, BMW Z4.

Medium cars

All saloons, hatchbacks, 3 and 5 door cars. Examples: BMW 3 Series, Audi A5, Toyota Prius.

Large cars

All 4×4s, estate cars and people carriers. Examples: BMW X5, Land Rovers, Ford S-MAX.

Available options

Wheels/tyres/wheel arches deep cleaned

Inside and out clean of wheels using special brushes, tyres pressure washed to ensure a good clean ready for tyres dressing, wheel arches pre sprayed with degreaser and then pressure washed.

3-step exterior wash

A first rinse of water to remove any heavy soiling. Then a degreasing pre-spray to help dislodge bird lime, tree sap and most importantly, bug splatter. Then high quality pH neutral soap for the hand wash. Vehicle then dried using microfibre drying towels.

Door-shuts cleaned

This ensures doors-shuts are free from excess dirt, grease, build up of debris and tar.

All interior hard surfaces deep cleaned

Dashboard, door cards, centre console, drinks holders, seat backs, sill trims and pedals all deep cleaned.

Full interior vacuum

Vacuum all areas, including boot, glovebox and door card pockets.

Full interior shampoo

Using specialist wet-vac machines, we deep clean all material surfaces to remove staining and odours.

Leather seats cleaned and conditioned (if fitted)

Deep cleaned using a specialist leather cleaner and treated with a specialist leather balm.

Windows cleaned and polished inside and out

Using a specially designed glass polish, we hand polish and then clean glass, both inside and out.

Exterior bodywork decontaminated then coated with high quality wax

During the wash stages, we remove all traces of tar and fallout (small iron debris from brake pads and industrial fallout) - this provides the cleanest surface possible, ready for a coat of wax that will last.