Valet Team - complete mobile car valeting

Meet the team

Lee Lee

Lee is the director of Valet Team. With over 10 years experience, Lee’s passion has seen the business grow from strength to strength. A former TV presenter, selling car products, Lee has also broadened his horizons to film and TV work also. Basically, anything car cleaning related, he’s your man.

A keen wakeboarder and jet skier, means when Lee’s not cleaning cars, he’s often found splashing around in a lake somewhere being a show off.

Derek Derek

Derek is Valet Teams longest standing member of staff and has a great eye for detail. Fantastic with customer service and liked by all our customers. He’s a great asset to the company.

Derek has a life-long passion with golf. So please remove all golf bags from your car before cleaning, as it’ll spark a conversation that might last all afternoon. He takes his coffee black with no sugar.

Matthew Matthew

Matthew is the newest member of the Valet Team staff. Matthew has years of experience within the valeting trade and is a fantastic worker. Polite, friendly and thorough with his work, Matthew is sure to become one of the best members of staff we’ve had a valet team.

Frank Frank

Frank is our accountant. Frank is a genius with numbers and looks after our taxes to make sure Valet Team is always pointing in the right direction. If we have a problem… we talk to Frank. He’s level-headed and his passion for the business makes him a valuable asset.

Sue Sue

Sue is in charge of our day to day team support. After every day, Sue takes all our used cloths from our vans and makes sure there cleaned, prepped and ready for the next day. Sue’s in charge of uniform, day to day banking and any other task that involves our support for the day. She’s like a mother to all of us!